Path to Education, Advancement, and Knowledge

PEAK (Path to Education, Advancement, and Knowledge) provides upfront tuition support for eligible caregivers to pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates, professional skills courses, high school diplomas, and English language learning.

Online Education

Top-tier Academic Network to Choose From

Online programs and courses created with flexibility and support for working adult students.

Your Education Coverage

Achieve Your Goals with PEAK

Eligible caregivers will receive $5,250 in upfront tuition coverage each year for their choice of curated associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees, certificates, professional skills courses, high school diplomas or English language learning offered online.

Qualify if you are in good standing and budgeted and scheduled for 20+ hours/week

Choose from 100+ programs and courses to advance your career

Receive $5,250 in upfront tuition coverage each year for programs and courses to support your career growth

Family members hugging and smiling

Gift Your Education

Empower your loved ones through the gift of education

Eligible caregivers can now share their education coverage with a family member — their spouse, domestic partner, or child 16 years or older — as soon as they are qualified to participate.

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Virtual Information Session

Watch the Information Session

Start your education journey by learning more about PEAK, including eligibility, coverage, application and enrollment information.

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Personal Education Advisors

The Personalized Live Support You Need to Get Started Today

Need help? From answering questions about how PEAK works to troubleshooting your account to setting and working towards a goal — your Personal Education Advisors make sure you have everything you need to start achieving your dreams today!

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